Terms and conditions

1. General provisions

1.1. www.pharmashipment.com portal is information resource (further referred to as Portal) provided by SIA "Astra Logistic Ltd." (further referred to as Astra) to Internet user (further referred to as User), in Russian and English languages. In case of contradictions between Russian language and English language versions of the Portal, the English language version of the Portal has primary force.

1.2. Starting using the Portal, User expresses full consent with these Terms and Conditions. In case of disagreement of the User with any of provisions of present Terms and Conditions, User has to stop use of the Portal immediately.

1.3. Don't use the Portal if you don't agree with any of the present Terms and Conditions. The fact of using this Portal and (or) any of its pages is considered to be confirmation of reading and accepting by the User basic rules stated below, legal information about the present Portal and materials placed on it and means user’s irrevocable and full consent with the present Terms and Conditions.

1.4. Additional conditions and provisions which you have to study attentively before using of the present Portal could be applied to some sections of the present Portal. Such additional conditions and provisions don't change and don't replace present Terms and Conditions of use of the present Portal if other isn't directly stipulated.

1.5. Present Terms and Conditions could be changed by Astra without any special notice. New edition of Terms and Conditions comes into force from the moment of its placement on the Portal, if other isn't provided by new edition of Terms and Conditions. The User independently monitors these changes and makes the decision on possibility of further use of the Portal. In case of User disagreement with the changes made to Terms and Conditions, the User is obliged to inform Astra in written form.

1.6. If the User is dissatisfied with any element of the Portal or any of the stated Terms and Conditions, the only and exclusive security measure of his/her rights is to stop using the Portal.

2. Terms used on the Portal

2.1. Alliance – cooperation agreement between four independent enterprises - SIA "Astra Logistic Ltd.", SIA "Kreiss", SIA "Sungate", SIA "MSC" - for achievement of definite commercial purposes and for receiving synergy of integrated and complementary strategic resources of enterprises on the basis of contractual obligations with rules of observance of international requirements for transportation of pharmaceutical products. The Alliance can expand due to joining of new companies which meet high requirements in the field of pharma logistic outsourcing and Services.

2.2. Goods – pharmaceuticals, vaccines, hygienic goods, cosmetics, pharmaceutical substances, medical equipment, etc.

2.3. Freight Forwarder – Astra, rendering the whole range of logistic services by own means, and with help of Carriers: acceptance/delivery, storage of Goods at the licensed warehouse; consolidation of Goods; warehouse processing; delivery of Goods to Clients/customers; repacking and marking of Goods; performing customs procedures and insurance formalities. Astra observes and is responsible for observance by the Carriers of all international requirements for storage and transportation of pharmaceutical products. Astra can attract to rendering these services corresponding pharmaceutical warehouses in other countries.

2.4. Carrier – the partnering companies – members of Alliance with whom Forwarder has contracts for providing qualitative transportation services of Goods. Transportation is carried out under control and according to requirements of Forwarder.

2.5. Customer/client - participant of pharma logistic market: pharma producer, distributor of Goods; specialized warehouses; pharma outsourcing companies; pharmacy chains and others, which charges the Freight Forwarder to deliver the Goods on the basis of the stipulated conditions and requirements issued in the form of the online Transport Order.

2.6. Consignee – the participant of pharma logistic market (see listed above) which has to accept Goods both for his needs, and/or for temporary storage with the purpose of further Transportation to the final Consignee.

2.7. Transport – all specialized refrigerated vehicles of the Carrier which transport Goods, equipped with specialized monitoring and tracking systems, and with all necessary permissions and licenses for carrying out Transportation.

2.8. Transportation – movement of Goods in Carrier Transport on conditions stipulated in Transportation Order and/or Contracts.

2.9. Services - services which are provided by Forwarder by itself and/or with the help of Carriers/members of Alliance.

3. Registration on the Portal

3.1. To register the access to Services, it is necessary to fill in online registration form and to receive the access password. Registration for access to Services is open for those persons who have already reached 18 years of age (or to legal entities in Your country). During registration it is necessary to fill in personal data about the User. User bears full responsibility for reliability and truthfulness of information provided.

3.2. Personal data is information which can be used for identification of User as an individual; for example, user name, postal address, e-mail address or phone number. If during Portal use the User fills in personal data, fills in the Transportation Order form, participates in Tender or provides to Astra other information, such data can be collected and used for providing to User information about services and Astra's products or for communication with User with other purposes.

3.3. Personal data of the User is stored and processed by Astra according to the legislation of Latvia on data protection of persons and legal entities.

3.4. User can send a request for removal or change of the data, sending electronic message to the corresponding address in the section Contact information; after this, reasonable measures on performance of such inquiry will be taken.

3.5. The name of the domain and IP address of the User are registered automatically. This data isn’t personal data and don't identify the User as the individual, they contain only information about the computer used for viewing the Portal. Astra doesn't establish connection between such automatically collected and personal information about specific persons.

3.6. User guarantees maintaining confidentiality of the provided information and guarantees that confidential information won't be disclosed to third parties, except for the cases provided by the legislation of the Republic of Latvia.

3.7. User must be sure that password is kept in secret and isn't accessible to strangers. User confirms understanding that he/she bears full responsibility for the password which is a sort of digital signature when confirming Transport Orders and has to immediately notify Astra about any unauthorized use of the account and/or password or any other violation of safety related to User's profile. The User recognizes and agrees that Astra doesn't bear any responsibility for any losses or damage caused as a result of fraud use of the password and/or profile, and User exempts Astra from all claims connected with unauthorized use of User’s password.

4. Third parties information

4.1. Astra doesn't bear any responsibility for the content of other websites, including websites through which User could get access to the Portal or to which User could get access through this Portal. Astra doesn't bear any responsibility in connection with such websites or references. If Portal provides hyperlinks to website of third parties, such hyperlink doesn't mean that Astra has checked it or has approved the corresponding website of third parties or its content, or that Astra expresses approval, sponsors or maintains affiliated relations with such website, its owners or providers.

5. Terms and conditions concerning intellectual property

5.1. The present Portal, all materials and information, names, images, logos and other elements which could be referred to Astra and its services (or to services of third parties), are provided and are available "as it is", without any directly expressed or implied guarantees, in maximum scope admissible by the law.

5.2. The Portal contains materials, such as texts, photos and other images, sounds, data, software, graphics and logos protected by copyright and/or other intellectual rights. Names, images, logos and trademarks identifying Astra or third parties and their services, belong to Astra and/or to third parties. Use of these elements on the Portal can't be considered as providing the license or the right concerning any trademark or any other intellectual property belonging to Astra or third parties.

5.3. Use of any material from the Portal or citing is possible only with reference to the source with the indication of Internet page from which these materials have been taken. User has the right to use information from the Portal on condition of preserving it "as it is" and without changes of information on copyright and/or trademarks.

6. Technical provisions

6.1. Astra doesn't give any assurances or guarantees that functionality or services of the Portal will be smoothly provided, without mistakes and that shortcomings will be corrected as soon as possible. Astra guarantees and makes all possible efforts for ensuring safe use of the Portal and absence of any viruses on the Portal or the server supporting access to the specified Portal.

7. Responsibilities and settlement of disputes

7.1. Astra doesn't bear any responsibility to the User or any other party for any losses, including without restrictions any straight and indirect losses connected with use, loss of possibility of operation, loss of data, lack of profit owing to legal claim, negligence or any other circumstances concerning or arising from use of the Portal, services or content of the Portal or because of the work of the Portal, services or products described on the Portal, even if Astra has been informed on possibility of such losses. Some jurisdictions don't allow restrictions or exceptions of responsibility of casual or indirect losses, so the restrictions mentioned above and exceptions are not applicable to some Users.

7.2. In some cases rules of use of certain materials, in particular, concerning Tenders, loading of information, etc. can contradict to present Terms and Conditions. In case of discrepancies and contradictions between the general rules and specific conditions of the definite case, the latest prevail.

7.3. These Terms and Conditions are regulated and interpreted according to the legislation of the Republic of Latvia. The questions which aren't stipulated by these rules are subject of regulation of the legislation of the Republic of Latvia. All disputes following from the relations regulated by these rules are subject of regulations established by the current legislation of the Republic of Latvia according to the norms of Latvian law.

7.4. These Terms and Conditions come into force from the moment of expression by the User of consent with its conditions according the order provided by parts 2 and 3 of these Terms and Conditions.

7.5. Any content including control system of the website, can't be copied (reproduced), processed, widespread, displayed in a frame, published, downloaded, transferred, sold or used by any other way entirely or in parts without preliminary permission of the owner, except cases when the owner has explicitly expressed the consent to free use of content or control system of the website by any person.

7.6. User undertakes responsibility not to use the Portal for any illegal, immoral, obscene or roguish purposes, or for any other purposes forbidden by Astra or by any other existing rules.

7.7. User guarantees that he/she has reached age of 18 years and has legal powers for use of this Portal. User guarantees that information provided is reliable and exact. User understands that abuse of services provided by the Portal can lead to refusal in access to such services. Excessive use means to order or use services more often than usually enough for one user, exceeding ability to receive services, or otherwise interfering with possibility of service provider to serve other clients adequately. Abuse means to leave false orders on the website, with the purpose to interfere with the website functioning or to change any part of website structure or source code of programming, verbally or physically offend any service providers of Astra, to refuse to pay for valid order, and any other forms of illegal actions with the website recognized by local state laws.

7.8. Astra has the right to refuse to render services at own discretion, having warned the User in advance about violation of these Terms and Conditions, and also to limit User’s access to any content of the Portal. At the same time Astra is obliged to fulfill all obligations for previously issued Transport Orders from this User.

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